Flamenco is an art form centuries old, that embraces the exchange of new ideas, and fosters boldness and originality. While the craft and tradition of flamenco continues to flourish, the aficionados and performers still take pride in the art form’s innovative and inclusive nature. Similar to contemporary jazz, Flamenco is influenced by and born of many cultures – Gypsy, Jewish, Moorish, and indigenous Andalusían. It is infused with the politics and class struggles of these different ethnic groups.

Flamenco Mío mirrors this history by borrowing from American jazz, Turkish music, and contemporary fine art. The trio pushes the envelope of this familiar standard and moves forward with the influence of these outside sources, creating a beautiful union of tradition and originality.

Flamenco Mío is composed of guitarist Beau Bledsoe, saxophonist and horn sculptor Mark Southerland, and dancer/choreographer Melinda Hedgecorth. The trio tours internationally, inviting guest artists from Spain and around the globe to collaborate. Performing with these singers and percussionists, they have developed a diverse conversation of cultural standards and styles, creating something new from something known.